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A Slew of Swords

Despite what are now many years of experience and generally positive feedback, I always feel some anxiety about doing readings for other people. Perhaps indeed because the tarot is one of the things in life about which I feel most passionate, … Continue reading

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A Slew of Swords

via A Slew of Swords

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The Devil in the Garden

For those of you who know me personally, you will be (well) aware that for last two years or so, Jon and I have been building a house, surrounded by bush, on our very steep block. We are now trying … Continue reading

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Why the tarot?

I was born on a 16th. My mother always put immense importance on this date – any time she could connect the number 16 to my life she did. In the tarot 16 happens to be The Tower. I think … Continue reading

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The High Priestess and Betrayal

The High Priestess & Betrayal   Recently a friend shared with me a sense of feeling “betrayed” by a long-term friend. Betrayal is a powerful thing. And it interested me that I began writing this blog a few days before … Continue reading

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10 of Pentacles

10 of Pentacles   While working with a tarot spread recently the 10 of Pentacles symbolised what made the querant happy. In this case, the querant (we’ll call him Peter) was feeling the loss of family life after a separation. … Continue reading

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Recently, a friend and I were telling each other the current story of our lives – during one of those spontaneous discussions that sometimes arise in facebook’s ‘private messaging’ feature. Over the years we have developed a way of communicating … Continue reading

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